Yes by Jez Alborough

Yes - a story about Bobo the chimp and saying "No". Will the naughty little chimp ever get out of the bath and snuggle down to sleep?

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Yes - a story about Bobo the chimp and saying "No"

At Bobo's bath time the little chimp shouts "YES". But at bedtime he cries "NO". It takes two friends and a lot of splashing to turn his "NO" into a "YES".

NOTE: The original story is told in pictures with speech bubbles.  For access, we have added picture descriptions shown within square brackets. And, the speech bubbles are shown within speech marks.

The format of this book is: softback cover with matt finish, tiresias font of 75pt, and Grade 1 UEB Braille.

If you require any changes to this format please indicate in 'Any comments or special requirements' box at checkout.

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